27 November – 5 December 2020

4WORTHDOING’S Inaugural Exhibition To Support. The Village (Free) DGE.

November 27, 4WorthDoing brings a network of over 50 artists to Art Week 2020 with “Our Lives in T-Shirts”, a T-shirt exhibition in the Miami Design District. The installation is directed by Emmett Moore at the Moore Building atrium at 4040 NE 2 Avenue between NE 40th and NE 41st in Miami.

 Proceeds supported  the Village (Free)dge, a Roots Collective-affiliated community program that provides food to underserved neighborhoods in Miami. To donate directly to the Village (Free)dge send money via cashapp to $villagepantry.

Acyde Odunlami, Alessandro Simonetti, Alex Olson, Alexandra Valls, Allysa Liliane, Amrit, Andrew, aNYthing, Alex/ 2tone, Brittani Arkin, Cat Power, Christian Roda, Claw Money, Curtis Kuling, Dale Zine, Dani De La Fe Daniel Elder, Decades, Dora Dalila, Eri Wakiyama, Fared Manzur,  Friends With You, God, LLC, Heron Preston, I Like You, Iinsomianc LTD, Jona Cerwinske, Kalil Justin, Kunle Martins, Lorenzo Lamarucciola, Lower East Coast, Lucien Smith, Lukas Gansterer, Lunchbox Records, Lyz Olko,  Maggie Lee, Maggie. Holladay, Metalic Ink Studio, Miyana Afgy, Nate Lowman, Nemo Librizzi, Nick Atkins, Parks Dept, Peels, Procell, Ralph Falcon, Razcal Life, Rob Cristofaro, Roots Collective, Roujeee Tunes, Seth Fountain, Shaun Crawford, Slam Jam, Slawn, Sneeze, Stupid Shirts, Tea Club Scheme Team, Tejesta, Thirtyten, Tizza2z, Tom Tuna, Tremaine Emory, Trippy Thick, Village (Free)DGE, Villa Ink, Virgil Abloh, Wacko. Maria, 4WD.


* Located at The Moore Space in The Miami Design District

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